Would you like to retain more of your accounting clients?

What if there was software that:

  • gives your clients access to specialist advice without using your valuable time?
  • identifies which changes your clients must make for greater success?
  • offers clients IMMEDIATE ROI?
  • raises your revenue per client?


How BuBul Start helps YOU…

is business advice software for accountants that is a valuable tool for attracting new, pre-start-up clients. It saves you time, money and effort by making it easy for you to understand the business and what your client needs to do to launch successfully.


How BuBul Grow helps YOU…

is business advice software that makes it easy to offer high-quality expertise to existing clients with minimal time investment from you.

How does BuBul do this?

It comes with a clear and helpful dashboard that shows:

  • the top five recommendations for all your clients using BuBul (including links to relevant articles you can send to clients).
  • a prioritised list of individual recommendations for each client who has completed the questions, so the conversations you have with them can be fully time-efficient, informed and productive.



BuBul START gives pre-start-up businesses a tailored checklist and ‘business readiness’ score. And, it provides tailored recommendations and links to the advice, helping new businesses get off to the best possible start.

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BuBul GROW effectively puts your clients in a virtual room with over 70 business advisers – each an acknowledged expert in their field. They ask about your client’s business so they can work out what the client should do to grow their business quickly, sustainably and profitably. 

The experts provide recommendations tailored for each business, with links to their advice on how to make the changes – plus their contact information if your client needs further help.

BuBul Grow sets challenges in nine areas (including getting more leads, improving lead-to-sale conversion, customer retention and cross-sales) on which your client may need to focus. If the client knows their key focus area, they can answer just questions on that particular challenge. If they aren’t sure, BuBul Grow will work out what challenge(s) they need to work on.

Every time your client completes a challenge, BuBul Grow gives them a score that they can improve by implementing the recommendations. The scores help them track their effectiveness as their business grows. When they have completed all the challenges, BuBul Grow creates a map of all the customer touchpoints in their business, highlighting any that need attention.

The result? You retain more happy and successful accounting clients that are loyal to your practice.

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How do I access BuBul for my clients?

1. Setting up your
branded portal

We set up your own secure
BuBul portal for you using your
logo and branding.
There is a setup fee of £500 + VAT.

2. Decide how many licences
you want

BuBul Start licences are free and we
give you 1,000 licences right away.
BuBul Grow licences are
available in batches of 10, 25, 50, 100 & 200.

3. Nearly there!

We send you a link to your BuBul account where you can personalise it by uploading your logo and changing the copy on your home page.
You’ll also get handy hints and tips on how to promote BuBul to prospective and existing clients and how they and you can get the most value from it.

4. Your brand new service

You might want to offer BuBul free
to your clients. Alternatively you can
use it as a new revenue stream
by making a charge.
The choice is yours!

Buy now

We don’t tie you in to a long-term contract
it’s a rolling 30 day contract with a seven day cancellation period (which we hope you will never want to use)!