Don’t let people steal your stuff!

You may not think that intellectual property has any relevance to your business – but you would be wrong!

Everything you create, whether that’s a product, an article, a logo, a photo or image etc. could be your intellectual property if you’ve created it – and it has a value!

So, whenever you create something you need to make sure it is protected – otherwise you could lose money and even your business (watch the film The Founder to see the story of McDonalds!)

But where do you start? What can you protect and how do you do it?
You can employ the services of an Intellectual Property expert* but, if you don’t have the budget for that at the moment, Anna Brewin, one of our IP experts on BuBul, has created a course which will give you lots of information, hints and tips so you can start to protect everything you produce.

Anna started as a creative designer and learnt how to protect her own business and designs. During those years of learning she found herself becoming an expert and was advised to start sharing her expertise with others. This led her to start writing courses and then giving talks to help educate people on this very important topic. (All the course material has been checked and signed off by legal professionals specialising in Intellectual Property.)

You can find her courses at

Your accountant should be your first call for advice but, if they can’t help or you don’t have one, we have a wide range of experts* available.

*We have carefully selected subject matter experts that we know and trust. None of them have paid to be on BuBul and we do not receive any commission from any money they receive from you. All will give you 30 minutes advice at no cost to you.