Workshop Handouts

Workshops are a great way of establishing yourself as a ‘go to’ expert in your field, and well-presented sessions will always help to build your reputation.

However, once the workshop is over, there is always a risk that delegates other daily priorities will all too quickly take over.

Consistently offering well-produced handouts and giveaways are a great way of strengthening those connections and keeping you, your company and your products and services firmly in your delegates’ minds – and actions!

While opinion is divided on circulating PowerPoint slides, clear and well-written stand-alone handouts can, for example, signpost delegates to more detailed information about the presentation topics, provide an ‘Action points’ list, gather data (and permission to use it) and offer discounts or special deals.

If you have an accountant, they should be your first stop for business advice. If you don’t have an accountant or they can’t help, BuBul has a wide range of experts available. For advice on creating an impact with workshop handouts, contact our expert* Louise on LinkedIn,  visit Wordsmiths UnLimited or call her on 07921 543898

*We’ve picked experts we know and trust who are good at what they do. All of them will give you at least an extra 30 minutes free advice if you contact them and would then charge their normal prices. They don’t pay to be on BuBul and don’t give us any money from anything they earn as an expert.