Convert More Leads

Having spent 30 years improving the customer experience for both SMEs and corporates, I came to the conclusion that there are only 6 things that customers want.

When they are considering buying your product or service, there are 2 things that apply:

  1. Make it easy – think about what information the customer will need. What questions would you have if you first saw your product or service? How would you want to find it? Then think about your process – how many steps do customers need to take to get the information they need? Is it obvious what they need to do?
  2. Set my expectations – prospective customers need to understand quickly what your product or service will do for them, how much it will cost (including delivery etc), how they buy it and how long it will take to receive it. Often, they also want to know what impact it will have. Look again at your process and communications – can you make it any easier for customers to have all their expectations set?

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