Owner Mindset

“Our actions and words can have a profound effect on others.  We have the power to change lives in both positive and negative ways”.

We can easily forget the difference we can make.  For me, this was my boss years ago.  I was in my early 20s having left school at 15 and was working as his PA.  He sat me down one day and told me that I had so much more to give.  That one conversation changed my life as he encouraged me to do my degree (2 nights a week was not the most fun way to do it 😉) but getting my 2:1 Hons degree 5 years later gave me huge confidence and self-belief.

“Never stop learning”

I always feel like there is more to learn.  Every day I learn something about myself or my field of work.  Having a growth mindset is key to developing and I understanding your strengths and where you get your energy always mean that you are being your best self.

“Surround yourself with people who value you and align to your values”

Whilst doing my coaching qualification, I undertook some work on my values and identifying what really mattered to me.  Again, it was life changing.  It was this work which highlighted how much making a difference meant to me and led me to set up Pro-Development 10 years ago.  This in turn led to my husband and I parting ways realising how little our values aligned.  Both of these events have led to me having the most incredible 10 years of my life.  There have been ups and downs but ultimately, I wouldn’t change a thing and have some of the most amazing people in my life as a result of those 2 events.

“Be brave and get out of your comfort zone”

Setting up Pro-Development definitely tested my resilience and I spent the first few years very much out of my comfort zone but, I didn’t half learn a lot!  Being brave and trying new things, in my experience, always creates a resilient mindset.  Being in, what we call, our learning zone, is where the magic happens.

“You can live in faith or live in fear.  Both aren’t real, so which am I going to choose?”

I read a book last year called Positive Dog and it had a section around living in faith.  It really struck me that when Covid-19 hit our business and all our training events were cancelled, I started to live in fear.  Fear that we wouldn’t make it through and that we would run out of money and it took a terrible toll on me.  I made a decision after a few months, to stop living in fear and live in faith and it made a huge difference.

So here are some thoughts to leave you with …

Try asking yourself these questions:-

  • When was the last time you gave someone your time? How do you help others?
  • What are you learning now? Are you making time to develop yourself?
  • Do you know what matters to you, your values? Have you got the right people around you?
  • Are you living in your comfort zone or getting into your learning zone?
  • Are you living in faith or fear? Which do you choose?

If you are worrying about something, try using Covey’s Circle of Concern to help you let go of those things you cannot control – you can read our blog from last year on how this can help.

Try “sharpening your saw” – again another great habit from Stephen Covey’s 7 habits:-

  • Physical – make time for exercise and getting outdoors – we know this helps our mindset
  • Spiritual – identify what feeds your soul – mindfulness, your values
  • Mental – make time to read, learn, write or listen to podcasts
  • Social/Emotional – surround yourself with the right people, love, laugh and make your difference

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