When customers complain your product or service does not meet their needs

Has a customer ever said to you “I want my money back – your product/service does not do what I thought it would”?

What was your reaction – maybe “Well, why did you buy it then”?

Sometimes it is easy to dismiss a customer complaint by blaming them, but actually in this case it is your business that is at fault.

Why? Well, it is probably that you have misrepresented your product or service – or not fully understood your customer and their needs.

When you misrepresent your product or service, it is usually because you have forgotten to look at it from your customer’s point of view. When you have designed or built a product or service and know it inside out, it is really hard to see it from a customer point of view. A typical scenario would be that you think it is really easy to use. After all, you use it every day, you know all the idiosyncrasies and never have any issues using it.

But your customers do not have that same level of knowledge and, because you do, it is easy to become blind to any slight flaws – which can be massive to the customer. It is similar to proof-reading anything you have written. Because you wrote it, you become word blind and fail to spot spelling or grammatical errors.

To avoid this type of complaint, it all comes down to your marketing and the description of your product or service. If you can afford it, use a professional copywriter. They are expert at taking a neutral view, understanding your target market and how to communicate with them.

If you do not have the budget to hire someone, write the material yourself, then get someone else to read it and ask them what they now think your product or service does – what needs does it meet? How does it meet them? If it is a product, get some people to try it out. Is it easy to use? What do they really think of it?

When you do this, it is important to put your ego to one side (from personal experience, this is really difficult!). You need to take any criticism on the chin and make the necessary changes.

Other things you may need to consider:

  • Have you got your target market right? Do they need your product or service and, if so, why?
  • What benefits does your product or service have? What customer needs does it meet?
  • Is it really easy to use or is it just easier than those your competitors offer (after all, they may be really hard to use!)?

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