Get and Use Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is an incredibly valuable tool for rapid business growth. The best example of this is Slack, who focused on customer feedback when developing their online communication platform. Within 4 years they grew to 6 million unique users a day and are now valued at over $5billion.

There are 3 things you need feedback for:

  • To find out what you do well, so you can do more of it.
  • To find out what you could do better, so you can make improvements.
  • To find out what else you could do, so you can add to your range of products and services.

And there are four questions you should ask:

  1. What did we do well?
  2. How could we have done it better?
  3. What else could we have done for you?
  4. How do you feel about doing business with us?

Adapt these questions to fit your business, but make sure you always use open questions (beginning with who, how, what, why or when) as this encourages full responses.

When you get feedback, treat it as a normal conversation. By that I mean that you should thank them for their feedback and tell them that you will use it to improve your business. Then you need to make the changes, and finally you need to tell the customers what you have changed as a result of their feedback. This shows the customer that you care about their opinions and have listened. They will be much more likely to continue to give you feedback in the future.

Be careful about when you ask for feedback – it needs to be when the customer has experienced enough of your product or service to understand the value they got from it. So do not have a pop up on your website that appears as soon as someone hits your home page, save it until they have visited a few pages.

You can ask for feedback in person, by phone, via your website, in writing or by email

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