One of the hardest things for a business to do is to clearly define their target market.

By that I do not mean phrases such as “micro B2C SMEs” or “busy consumers with little time”. To really get your customer experience right, you need to really understand your customers – the people who make the decision to buy your products or services.

You need to bring them to life – so you can picture them and what they would say or do – when you are thinking about launching or changing a product or process. It then becomes much easier to improve your marketing, processes, products and services.

Customer personas are an easy way to do this. They are simply a description of your potential decision-makers.

You can download simple persona templates below. To really bring them to life, make sure you give each one a name and a picture. Think about what challenges they face, what frustrates them, how knowledgeable they will be about what your product or service does for them. What other competing priorities do they have? What state of mind will they be in when they first come across your business – how long will they have spent searching for what you can offer.

Once you have completed a number of templates, get your colleagues to check them and add extra detail. Then start to use them in your meetings, asking questions such as – what would John need to know here? Would it be obvious to Judy what to do next? Would Ross be clear why he needs us?

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