How to choose a recruitment agency partner.


The benefits to working with a recruitment agency are endless and ultimately can save you a fortune in the long run however in order for the partnership to be successful, you may want to consider the following pointers:


  • A good agency should understand your industry – ask them what experience they have in dealing with roles of this nature, ask them to give examples of previous recruits and current clients in similar markets. Check any testimonials if available.
  • It’s important that the consultant you’re going to be working with can also answer the above questions after all, it’s usually the consultant that you’re dealing with and not the ‘agency’. Agencies who boast low staff turnover and good staff retention is always a great place to start!
  • Make a list of what you want to them know / ask about you, your business and your role and if they don’t cover everything – tell them. It’s important that they know as much about you as possible to ensure that the process runs smoothly. This includes culture, team fit, future plans.
  • How do they promote your business? What platforms do they use? Check them out first on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Make sure you’re happy with any content they may put out there that identifies your business.
  • How do they attract candidates and are you happy with these methods? Are these the right platforms to attract your potential employees?
  • How do they vet candidates? You are paying the agency to ensure that they are giving you the best possible shortlist that they can so make sure you’re happy with their screening methods. 100% they should be meeting people face to face before presenting to you; or have at least met over a video meeting. Are there any tests which they can do? Personality assessments etc.
  • What are your hiring options and what do they charge? A normal permanent recruitment cost is 15-25% of the starting salary. If they charge more or less than this, ask why. Can they offer temporary recruitment, temp to perm, contractual etc.
  • What are their guarantees to you as a client? Is there any rebate schemes should the process fail. Will they help you with employment contracts, payroll services?


To have an agency recommended to you, is more often than not the best way to short list an agency partner. If you can rely upon someone’s recent experience of working with an agency then you should but do remember that everyone’s needs are different and what works for one, may not suit another. Do your research and ask plenty of questions. It’s important to get it right!

If you have an accountant, they should be your first stop for business advice. If you don’t have an accountant or they can’t help, BuBul has a wide range of experts available. For more advice why not contact our expert* Kelly on LinkedIn?

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