Twitter for Business

There are over 500 million Tweets sent each day, reaching hundreds of millions of people. It is a great opportunity to promote your brand and attract prospective customers. Here are our top tips:

Get your profile right

Your profile gives prospective customers their first impression of you. Make sure each element is as good as it can be:

  1. Your Twitter @name – Your @name is your unique identifier on Twitter. Use up to 15 characters with a name that will help people find your business.
  2. Your profile photo – Choose an image which represents your business or brand. It is the icon in every tweet you post as well as being on your profile page!
  3. Your biog – You only have 160 characters to get people to follow you. Include things such as what you will Tweet about and where you are. Include a unique link to your website so you can track how many visitors you attract.
  4. Your header image – This is your advertising space. Refresh it regularly to showcase promotions, events, product or service news.
  5. Your pinned Tweet – Pin any key Tweets to the top of your timeline (click on the “more” option on the Tweet you want to pin and select “Pin to your profile page”). This will help visitors to your profile to see your latest news.

Create your Twitter content strategy

Compelling content will help you attract and keep followers. Target quality rather than quantity, but Tweet regularly (daily as a minimum!) and make sure it is relevant to your business and prospective customers.

  1. Shorter the better – Focus on one specific message rather than trying to communicate several. Include a link to a blog post or website for longer messages.
  2. Use photos and videos – This will give you higher Tweet engagement rates.
  3. Use relevant hashtags – Hashtags help you to expand your reach and tap into relevant conversations. Focus on keywords that are relevant to your business. Do not use more than 2 per Tweet though!.
  4. Ask questions – This is a good way to interact with your audience and create conversations. Use open-ended questions or Twitter polls.
  5. Curate and connect with Retweets and replies – Retweeting relevant content and replying to Tweets are 2 great ways to build your audience. Think about content such as customer feedback, useful information or articles.
  6. Respond quickly to questions, comments and even criticisms! Use private messaging for longer conversations.

Make sure you track the results of your activity on the Twitter dashboard so you can understand what works (and does not!)

Build your audience

  1. Include your username on all marketing material – business cards, website, leaflets etc.
  2. Follow your existing customers on Twitter.
  3. Search keywords and hashtags relevant to your industry and audience – then use them!
  4. If you partner with other businesses, arrange to promote each other on Twitter.
  5. Ask for Retweets. When someone Retweets your content, they are sharing your business with their networks, growing your reach. Try an incentive such as an exclusive offer if a Tweet reaches a certain number of Retweets.

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