Customer Service Training

Brilliant Customer Service starts with you!

It starts right at the heart of the company and then manifests out. There are skills that can be learned but the passion and enthusiasm for looking after all your customers, both internal and external, begin with you.

The customer is the priority every single time. If they are happy and their expectations surpassed, they will shout it from the roof tops – or at least go on line and tell everyone how great your company is. Delivering extraordinary customer service should be common sense but so easily the basics are replaced with rush, speed and complacency.

Be brilliant, deliver SINCERE.

Smile at your customer before you say a word, it makes such a difference to creating that fabulous first and lasting impression.

Indulge your client, pay a compliment, make them feel special. It involves little effort yet offers a huge reward.

Understand what it is they Need, not what you think they should have. Do it their way and win long-term business.

Care for them. It may sound silly, but this genuine care will ensure your customers stay with you and refer you on. Are you listening to your customer? Not just hearing, but really listening? This is a massive, untaught part of brilliant customer service.

Use your Ears – you may be surprised what you learn.

Reassure them at every step, hold their hand, communicate, remove doubt and any potential buyer’s remorse.

Above all, Express thanks for their business, thank them for being your customer. Being undervalued as a customer is the biggest reason people go elsewhere. Understand this and say thank you, often.

Using SINCERE is one of many tools to keep your customers happy, recognising the power of positive phraseology, knowing how voice tone and pitch can show how your customer feels, reading Body Language – the customers and yours!

Knowing how to deliver Customer Service Wow can transform your business, give happier customers and put money in the till.

If you have an accountant, they should be your first stop for business advice. If you don’t have an accountant or they can’t help, BuBul has a wide range of experts* available. For more advice on customer service training, why not follow BuBul on LinkedIn.

*We’ve picked experts we know and trust who are good at what they do. All of them will give you at least an extra 30 minutes free advice if you contact them and would then charge their normal prices. They don’t pay to be on BuBul and don’t give us any money from anything they earn as an expert.