Images create your first impression

Images are the very first thing a consumer connects with when they click on your website, post or see your printed marketing material.  And when those images align with your branding, you immediately connect with your ideal customer.

Humans are very visual beings and have the remarkable ability to relate to and remember pictures much easier than words. Studies suggest that people remember 80% of what they see as opposed to 20% of what they read.

Finding your ideal photographer

Working with a professional photographer helps you create a great impression. But how do you find a photographer who gives you confidence in their professionalism and abilities – and faith in your investment?

Don’t worry a jot, Lincoln and I have 10 key questions to help you find the right photographer for you.  Here we go:

  1. Are you INSURED?

Public Liability Insurance shows a Photographer cares about the well-being of the people in front of their camera. Only hire a photographer who carries insurance.

  1. What is the delivery TIMELINE?

As a guideline, approximately two weeks for digital images, and a little longer for prints.

  1. Do you hold a CONSULTATION to discuss my needs?

This is a time to discuss creative and design ideas, prepare you for your photoshoot, identify your budget, and generally set expectations.

  1. Can you provide REFERENCES?

The most reliable testimonials are those on sites such as Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook because they are uploaded by the client. Of course, you can always contact those clients directly and ask them:

Did the Photographer make you feel at ease and take his/her time?

Were you directed throughout the shoot?

Did you have a positive experience?

Did the final images match or exceed your expectations?

Will you use this Photographer again?

  1. May I see your PORTFOLIO?

All Photographers like to show off their best work on-line (we would be silly not to) but you need to be satisfied the images are genuine. Look for consistently good images in a style you love.

  1. Do you specialise in this STYLE/TYPE of photography?

Style, technique, and perspective varies within each genre of photography.  Choose one that suits your purpose, ie Portraits, Commercial, Weddings, Babies, Pets, Events, Products etc. All we are saying is you wouldn’t ask Banksy to paint you a Rembrandt, right?


A good question to ask when booking a large shoot or an event. Two photographers make for a smoother shoot and capture all the action as it unfolds.

  1. What does your FEE include & how many images do I receive?

To understand exactly what you are receiving for your money, here are a few points to consider:

Do you receive both Hi and Lo Resolution images? (Preferably Hi Res or both).

Will you be charged an additional fee if the shoot over-runs?

Basic post-processing should be included in the price, but the chances are you will be charged for any major manipulations, such as adding/removing background items.

Are there any additional expenses, such as travel?

  1. Do you provide a CONTRACT?

Obviously, the answer needs to be yes, here are some areas you may need clarity on:

Copyright – a photographer retains the Copyright for all the images they capture.

Usage Rights – in return, the client is granted Usage Rights which permits them to use the images in a specific way.

Model Release form defines how and where the photographer publishes your images for their own promotional purposes.

Future Editing – you may not be able to edit the images yourself and be required to pay the photographer for this service.

Licence – for Portrait photography (such as weddings, personal and family portraits) these rights are typically granted for life.  However, as Commercial images generate income through marketing, photographers often allocate a fixed amount of time (consequently, you could receive a bill to extend the usage period).

  1. Do you own BACK UP EQUIPMENT?

Stuff happens . . . equipment breaks, batteries die, memory cards fail, accidents happen – but they should not impact your shoot.

Choosing the right combination

If you’re confused by the type of images you need to promote your business, you’re not alone.

Many businesses jump straight into the pool of stock photos, which are functional but lack one very important feature: they don’t speak exclusively for your business. Whereas professional branding photos speak directly to your ideal customer.

In an instant you can shout about you and your:

People, Customers and Collaborators,

Location, Work and Relevant Space,

Processes and Outcomes,

Products and Services,

Values and Ethics.

To help you avoid the scatter gun approach, and instead, own images that uniquely serve all your marketing and social media needs, click on this nifty little presentation.

And one final thought, when you receive your images, don’t just use them once then leave them in a folder.  Share them again and again – make them work for you.

Perrin Read

Roth Read Photography

LinkedIn: Perrin Read | LinkedIn