Purchasing Energy

It’s very important to know when and how you plan to use energy in your business to work out which are the best buying methods and energy technologies to help control and save you money.

With the cost of energy being uncertain due to the political and market turbulence, getting the best advice and support to know when and how to buy your contracts has never been more important.

Business energy contracts are very different to domestic energy contracts, the small print is very important to check, especially contract lengths, kwhr rates, potential fixed or passthrough costs, meter costs, standing charges etc etc

That’s where we can help.

We’ll give you unbiased independent support and guidance to help you take control of your energy costs & consumption by:

  • Helping you take over, contract, or install the energy supplies you need for your building. We help with water, gas, electricity, LPG, petrol, diesel, and oil.
  • Reviewing and tracking the market to help you buy at the best price point possible for the volumes of energy you need to purchase.
  • Reviewing your bills for errors and overspending.
  • Gaining your usage data from your supplier to help you understand when and how you use energy.
  • Creating a package of energy reduction opportunities best suited for your business.
  • Helping you exit a business premises and transfer to the new owners or tenants.

As you know the best savings are gained by reducing the number of kilowatt-hours (kwhr) or energy you use! With every business being different, your needs should be individually reviewed to make sure you use the best control or generating equipment to enable the best savings and fastest ROI for your investment of money and time.

Some key technologies are:

  • Solar PV and solar thermal
  • Battery storage
  • Lighting
  • Ground and air source heat pumps
  • Voltage optimisation
  • Wind turbine technologies
  • Live building and meter tracking technology
  • Timer and heating controls
  • Rain and water heat and power technologies

If you’re interested in any of the above, we will assist you by working with our team of experts to create the best mix of technologies. These technologies are correctly sized for your individual business needs to deliver the best rate of return for your investment.

The end result being you save money by reducing the number of kilowatt-hours you purchase, become more efficient, and help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

Our three top tips…

  • If you sign a letter of authority for a 3rd party, do not allow them permission to sign any contracts on your behalf and make sure it doesn’t have any hidden fee structures!
  • Check any utility contracts you are asked to sign very carefully and get trusted advice.
  • Make sure you compare suppliers fully before signing a new contract – not just on price, but standing charges, contract length and their terms and conditions.

If you have an accountant, they should be your first stop for business advice. If you don’t have an accountant or they can’t help, BuBul has a wide range of experts available. For more advice, contact our expert* David on  0330 118 8338 or on LinkedIn.

*We’ve picked experts we know and trust who are good at what they do. All of them will give you at least an extra 30 minutes free advice if you contact them and would then charge their normal prices. They don’t pay to be on BuBul and don’t give us any money from anything they earn as an expert.