Starter for ten….. Bubul experts Friday interview with Phil Heath

First up with our Starter for ten is Phil Heath, a world-class speaking coach, BuBul expert and secret tap dancer who’d like to have dinner with Fred Astaire and Doris Day. He lives by the motto Just Do It. Find out more about the weird and wonderful things that make him tick, when he’s not teaching people to speak in public:


BuBul and business

  • Why did you want to be a BuBul expert?

I was asked by Nigel to take part and it offered me the chance to be able to help others.

  • Best piece of business advice and who was it from?

Just Do It – nicked from NIKE. Sometimes we hesitate and the best thing is to get out of your comfort zone

  • Biggest compliment you’ve ever received from a customer?

“I never thought that I would be able to present to an audience and now I have just pitched the biggest sale of my life and won the business – and my boss loved it and congratulated me” Thanks for all your help

  • Business achievement you’re most proud of?

Surviving and doing something I love


The personal stuff

  • Favourite film – and why?

Saving Private Ryan – the story of a reluctant leader who becomes a real true hero. Tom Hanks in one of his best roles. Tear-jerker every time!

  • Which five famous people (dead or alive) would you invite over for dinner?

Winston Churchill, Fred Astaire, Victor Kiam, Judy Garland, Doris Day

  • What’s your hidden talent?

Tap dancing



  • Seaside or countryside?


  • A talker or a listener?


  • Golf or Motorsport?