Why hire a professional copywriter?

When you’re setting up a new business there are dozens of different jobs to do, and like many others, you might be tempted to try doing everything for yourself. However, unless you have a superhuman skillset and unlimited time on your hands, this isn’t a good plan!

Preparing the written content (or ‘copy’) for tools such as your website, brochures, leaflets, letters, press releases, or case studies will certainly be on your list. And since you probably learned to write at school, that job will be easy, won’t it?

Well, probably not. We learn many skills at school, but how many of us are brilliant designers, or athletes, or accountants? Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that if you’re not a skilled copywriter, you should find one.

Here are just five top reasons why…

1  You know too much!
It’s really hard to write objectively about your own business. After all, you created it from scratch, every detail is important to you and you want to let everyone know all about it…

Sadly, your prospects and customers won’t care too much. They just want to find out why they should choose you rather than your competitors. They want evidence that you’re the professional and credible answer to their problems.

As efficient and objective researchers, good copywriters quickly uncover what matters to your particular audience. Then they create compelling content that works hard for your business.

2  Poor copy is a big risk
No matter what the communication tools – from websites and emailers to newsletters and brochures, poor quality business copy is a risk not only to profits but to reputations, too.

When a company’s content is confusing, boring, wordy or littered with errors, it tells readers: ‘This company believes that ‘substandard’ is good enough.’ Ouch!

3  Copywriters master the subtlety and power of language
Hire a professional copywriter and you’ll have clear, concise and correct copy. The tone and style will reflect your brand perfectly, and whether you need to inspire, enthuse, persuade, educate or sell, your content will be fresh, original and skilfully crafted to do exactly what you want.

4  Copywriters save you time and stress
Let’s face it, for most people, writing about their business is a chore that’s repeatedly pushed down the ‘To Do’ list. It takes time, effort and – very often – a whole lot of frustration and stress when the words in your head simply don’t work on the page. Many people spend costly weeks writing and rewriting content that ends up in the bin. Hand the job to a copywriter and your ideal copy can appear on your screen in days.

5  Professional copy delivers results
People worry that copywriting costs money. Of course, that’s true – but the primary aim of great content is to deliver the results you want. More enquiries… More sign-ups… More sales… Greater profitability… Whatever outcomes YOU want, professionally crafted copy will help make sure you achieve them – so high quality content pays for itself over and over again. 


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