We know that running your own business can be lonely and tough – that’s why we’ve developed unique Small Business Advice Software to ensure you stay on track.

  • It’s impossible to be good at everything, which is why there are so many business advisers about. And most of them do a good job: research shows that SMEs who have advice grow twice as fast as those that don’t!

So advice is vital to business success – but where you do find it?

There’s lots of free and sponsored advice available, but it’s normally generic and may not be what you need. There are also many good (and bad!) business advisers around to offer help, but they normally charge upwards of £100 an hour, which is a high cost for smaller businesses.


At Bubul, we’ve developed unique small business advice software by combining the power of technology with the wisdom of experienced business advisers. In effect, Bubul Grow puts you in a virtual room with over 70 business advisers – each an acknowledged expert in their field. They ask you questions about you and your business so they can work out what you need to do to grow your business quickly, sustainably and profitably.

BuBul Grow sets challenges in nine key areas, including getting more leads, improving lead-to-sale conversion, customer retention and cross sales. If you already know what you need to focus on, you can just answer questions on that particular challenge. If you aren’t sure, BuBul Grow will work out the right challenge(s) on which to concentrate.

Every time you complete a challenge, BuBul Grow gives you a score which you can improve by implementing the recommendations given in your report. Tracking your scores helps you monitor your effectiveness as you grow your business. When you’ve completed all the challenges, BuBul Grow creates a map of all the customer touchpoints in your business, highlighting any that need attention. You’ll also be offered emails with regular business hints and tips. You get all this for just £20.00 a month (plus VAT). There are no long-term contracts: you just pay for BuBul Grow for as long as you need it.


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