BuBul Social Enterprises & Charity Portal


About BuBul Start for Social Enterprises & Charity

BuBul saves you time, money and effort by making it easy for you to offer high quality business advice to people you help without the time and effort you would normally spend giving or sourcing advice for them yourself.

BuBul also provides a clear and helpful dashboard. It shows you:

  • the top 5 recommendations for anyone who has your version of BuBul (with links to relevant articles you can send)
  • a prioritised list of individual recommendations for everyone who has completed the questions, so your advice conversations with them can be more informed and productive.

How it works

  • We set up a BuBul portal for you. There is no set up fee. BuBul licences are free and you start with 1,000.
  • We send you a link to your BuBul account where you can personalise it by uploading your logo and changing the copy on your home page. You’ll also get handy hints and tips on how to promote BuBul to the people you help and how they and you can get the most value from it.
  • It’s up to you whether you offer BuBul free or if you want to charge for it.

We don’t tie you in to a long-term contract – it’s a rolling 30 day contract with a seven day cancellation period (which we hope you will never want to use!).