BuBul Start


About our BuBul Start Licence

We’ve combined the power of technology with the wisdom and experience of business advisers. In effect, BuBul Start puts you in a virtual room with 70 business advisers – each an acknowledged expert in their field. They ask you questions about you and your business so they can work out what you need to do to succeed.

When they know what you need to do, they give you the recommendations you need along with links to their advice on how to make the changes. They also provide their contact information in case you need further help.

You also get a score showing how ready you are to start your business
successfully. Every time you implement advice your score will rise, so you can be confident of success when you start trading.

You’ll also be offered emails with regular business hints and tips.

And it’s FREE. Why? Well we want to give you the best chance of succeeding without having to spend £100s. We also hope that when your business is up and running you’ll continue to want good advice and that you’ll use BuBul Grow.

Please note: This is only one licence for individual use