Behind the scenes with a BuBul expert

Up this week is Jonathan Scott, digital marketing supremo and sales director at Northern Media who gets a kick from helping young businesses grow and has his own kicking ambitions linked to the number 9 and Newcastle United. Find out more about what gets him up in the morning


BuBul and business


  • Why did you want to be a BuBul expert?

Having worked in marketing for over 20 years, I get a kick from using my knowledge and experience to help young businesses grow and thrive

  • Best piece of business advice and who was it from?

Shy bairns get nowt (that was from my Dad)

  • Biggest compliment you’ve ever received from a customer?

Quite a recent one actually, from Mark McClennan from Monster Mesh. He largely attributes his growth and success to the SEO & PPC campaigns we were running

  • Business achievement you’re most proud of?

Giving young people a work environment that helps them learn, grow and be happy.


The personal stuff

  • Which five famous people (dead or alive) would you invite over for dinner?

Bobby Robson, Seb Coe, Madonna, Freddie Mercury and Billy Connolly

Football, Athletics, Music and Comedy!

  • What would you banish to Room 101?

Anyone who bullies

  • If you could be famous for a day what would it be for?

Playing number 9 for Newcastle United



  • Exercise or boxset binge?


  • Work from home or work in the office?

Work in the office

  • Sweet or savoury?