Dress to impress!

How are you finding things now we are returning to a bit more normality?

Are you still working via Zoom or are you managing to meet clients face to

Have you ever thought about what you are wearing when meeting clients,
either via zoom or in person? Do you look at your wardrobe and think you
don’t know what to wear, so just grab anything in the hope that it works?
Or, in the worst case, grab an outfit that you used to wear going out , but
now “it’ll do for work”? Perhaps, you don’t even think about it, and just
wear jeans and yesterday’s t-shirt.

As business owners we spend a lot of time working on our websites,
business cards and promotional material, carefully selecting the design and
colours – but do you spend as much time and thought into what you are

First impressions are so important, whether on – or offline. So ask yourself –
do I look like the person my client is expecting to see?

Think of three words about how you wish to be perceived – examples are
professional, knowledgeable, approachable and write them down – I’m
sure you can think of many more – do you convey these words in your style
of dress? This applies to both men and women, and is so important.

In the first 4 minutes of meeting a client will decide so much about you and 55%
of that decision is based on how you look, and only 5% on what you
actually say.

Interesting isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter whether you wear overalls for work, being an electrician
for example doesn’t really warrant wearing a suit, but you can easily wear
jeans or overalls. Jeans are fine, but make sure they are clean and fit well –
builders bum is not a good look! Footwear should be clean- no muddy
trainers, and – don’t forget, if you are working in a domestic environment
you may need to take your shoes off – don’t have holes in your socks!

Perhaps you are in the finance sector, and need to be more formally
dressed.Check that there are no buttons missing, stains on your clothes,
hems dropping down – all small things, but collectively they make such a

The days of being booted and suited seem to be behind us but even so,
those who work in a more formal environment need to be dressed
accordingly. Think of cost per wear – your new business is going to be
bringing in money to your household, and you naturally feel passionate
about it, so buy clothes that reflect this. Well fitting clothes may cost a little
more, but it will be worth it – you will look the part!

All this applies whether you are Zooming or meeting face to face, so think
about what you are wearing and how your client sees you!

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