Yorkshire SME’s set for business boost with BuBul

SME’s in Yorkshire are set to benefit from tailored business advice with the launch of BuBul, online software that puts directors of start-ups, or existing SMEs, in a virtual room with 30 business experts.

In 2019 there were 429,000 SME’s in Yorkshire but 20 per cent of SME’s fail in their first year and only 42 per cent last more than five years.

Yorkshire-based BuBul, which is free for start-ups and has been developed with the support of the University of Bradford, delivers customer journey driven analysis, advice, resources and tailored recommendations that are proven to boost turnover, profitability and improve customer retention.

BuBul founder and blue-chip customer experience veteran Nigel Greenwood said: “I’ve spent my career analysing the importance of the customer journey and improving it to increase sales and profitability.

“Seven years ago, I decided I wanted to help small businesses grow and prosper by giving them access to the tools and advice that larger companies take for granted. By using those skills face-to-face in SMEs, we were able to drive tangible results.

“BuBul is the next step in the evolution of advice to SMEs providing online access to the tools, advice and resources that have helped companies like Amazon and Apple rise above the competition on the back of a superior customer experience.

“It’s well-known companies who seek advice increase their chances of success and that most SMEs don’t because of the cost – that’s why we’re offering BuBul Start free to those companies who are just starting out and BuBul Grow is available at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face advice for those companies who are already established.”

David Spicer director of business and community engagement from the School of Management at the University of Bradford said: “We are delighted to see the launch of BuBul and look forward to seeing this delivering real benefits for SMEs.

“Our work with Nigel on the development of BuBul is a great example of our partnerships with local firms, linking them with School expertise and supporting their work and development thought working with our staff and students on projects like this. This creates great opportunities for us and our students to learn on live business challenges too.”

BuBul works by asking directors a series of questions that can take up to 30 minutes to complete, each answer determines the next question, so the user has a unique experience that is tailored to their business and customers.

By asking questions BuBul is able to identify changes and developments that need to happen to successfully launch a new business or secure rapid and sustainable growth for established SMEs and gives directors the tools they need to implement those changes.

In around half an hour BuBul presents users with:

  • A set of tailored recommendations for the best possible chance of success and growth
  • Links to the advice needed to start making the changes
  • Contact details of trusted experts for additional, individual help
  • For existing businesses, a map of customer touchpoints with a clear picture of which touchpoints need attention

BuBul Start is free to start-ups and BuBul Grow is £9.99 a month with no contractual tie-in. It is available to anyone who is looking to set up or grow their own business with white labelled versions available for social enterprises, charities and accountants, who want to help their existing clients grow or attract new business.

BuBul donates 5 per cent of its revenue to charities that are committed to helping people set up their own business.