BuBul: an easier way for you to help your clients grow.

We know we are the favourite source of business advice for our clients so are delighted to now be able to offer BuBul to them. It’s a great piece of software which makes it easier for accountants like us to offer a much wider range of advice and help our clients grow.

Jennie Gillam, founder of Redfish

Helps you attract
new businesses

BuBul Start helps anyone starting a business to get all the advice they need to get off to the best possible start (with your support obviously!).

Business advice software for start-ups

Improves your SME client retention

BuBul Grow provides a wide range of business advice tailored to each individual business, improving their chances of success and growth.

Gets you even closer to your smaller clients

BuBul’s dashboard means you can see what advice each client has had and what they’ve done with it, so you can have more informed conversations.

Provide clients with access to the knowledge & experience of over 70 experts all in one virtual room:

Providing BuBul for your clients: How it works


Order your version of BuBul

You can order your version of BuBul on our website in less than two minutes. The initial cost is £500+VAT which includes unlimited Start licences. You decide how many Grow licences you need and pay for those monthly. We set up your secure BuBul portal and send you a link to it.


Personalise your version of BuBul's advice software

The link to your version of BuBul includes instructions on how to add your logo and homepage wording, plus how to add clients and check on their progress. We also include helpful hints and tips on how to market BuBul to existing and prospective clients (and we’re always available for a chat if you need help!).


When you add a client

Each client you add will get an automatic email with a link to your version of BuBul so they can start using it immediately. Each time you add a client a licence is used up but you can get more licences via your portal at any time (and if you cancel a licence for a client you get it added to your total immediately). You decide what to charge your clients for accessing your version of BuBul.

A great resource for microbusinesses to get business advice at a reasonable price – Sophie, accountant


See what advice your clients get

You can use your dashboard to see what advice each client has had (and what they have done with it), helping you to help them even more.


We'll keep in touch

As long as you are happy for us to, we’ll regularly send you updates about BuBul, hints and tips on how to get the most value from it for yourself and your clients, and we will also ask you for your feedback, especially ideas about how we can improve it further!

We're here for you.

We understand all the challenges of starting and growing your practice. 

That’s why BuBul for Accountants exists – to give you something different for your clients.

SME Success Stories

We were just ticking over at £2,500 a month. BuBul showed us how to engage more with our customers and now we turn over £25,000 a month.
Joe & James
B2C, micro-SME
Our growth was really slow and we didn’t understand why. BuBul showed us that we struggled to convert a quote to a sale and what to change. Our conversion rate has more than doubled.
I never managed to sell more than one product to my customers. BuBul showed me how to package deals and I doubled my sales per customer.
We were struggling to grow even though we did more and more marketing. BuBul made us realise that the problem was we just weren’t keeping customers and showed us how to fix it – now we lose less than 1% of customers a year.


Most frequent questions and answers

No, it’s a 30 day rolling contract with a seven day cancellation period.

We normally update and add to the content each month based on feedback from BuBul users. Adding more functionality can take a little longer (we’re only a small team at the moment!).

BuBul was designed by Nigel Greenwood, a customer journey expert and business adviser. It was developed with the University Of Bradford. Currently the BuBul team is Nigel plus two developers and a business development director supported by over 70 independent subject matter experts and an advisory board.

You need to give us your name, company name and email address as well as supplying your debit or credit card details (this is done through Stripe to protect your data) to buy your portal and licences.

Typically it takes less than
10 minutes to add your logo and homepage wording and you can add a client in less than 30 seconds (all you need is their name, company name and email address).

BuBul covers too many areas to mention here but examples are: all aspects of marketing, reducing carbon footprint, improving conversion from prospect to client, upselling and cross-selling, how to get referrals, international trading, SEO, website deign and maintenance and many more

You are an expert in compliance and finance and so BuBul doesn’t cover these areas. However, it is impossible for one person to be an expert in all aspects of marketing so BuBul works out what advice is needed and has built a community of independent subject matter experts to provide that advice. Each expert has been carefully selected by our founder. They do not pay to be on BuBul, they do not pay us any commission and each will give a minimum of 30 minutes advice at no cost in addition to the advice content they have provided. Each advice page also tells your client to ask you first before contacting a BuBul expert so you can either give the advice yourself or can make a referral to one of your trusted business contacts